Overview of Research

For my PhD I worked on a middleware for delay-tolerant networks which enabled nodes to opportunistically and automatically make use of delay-tolerant networking protocols and routing algorithms given challenged networking conditions, while at the same time operate on a standard TCP/IP stack when conditions allow. Dubbed MaDMAN (Middleware for Delay-Tolerant Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks), the middleware collected network and application context to determine the best combination of protocols and stacks to use for any given connection, and seamlessly migrated application sessions between stacks and protocols without dropping the connections.

For more information on this project, please visit the MaDMAN Project Site.


Code for "A Framework for Evaluating DTN Mobility Models"

Unfortunately, due to some IT restructuring at the University of Texas, the link in the paper is no longer valid. The code for our statistics package to evaluate mobility models (see paper below) has been relocated here:
Mobility Statistics Module for OMNeT++