Mobility Statistics Module for OMNet++

In 2008 we wrote an OMNeT++ module which gathers mobility statistics from running simulations and we developed a suite of mobility models in OMNeT++ that specifically target DTN networks. The statistics module itself can be used with any OMNeT mobility model and is easy to plug into existing configurations. The metrics gathered by the module can be used to reason about how the mobility model itself affects protocol performance (for any protocols you may wish to run over the DTN).

This work was published in the Workshop on Scenarios of Network Evaluation Studies (SCENES 2009) and is available here:

The code was never ported to OMNeT++ 4.0+, but the 3.x compatible version and installation instructions for the statistics module is available here.

The mobility models used in the paper, plus configuration templates are available here.

Installation Instructions for Statistics Module

  • 1. edit to point to your own INET installation
  • 2. run to generate Makefile
  • 3. make
  • 4. include generated library (probably unless you've changed the name of the default directory) in your omnetpp.ini file using:

  •     load-libs = ../path-to/

  • 5. edit your network definition file according to the template included in this directory.
  • 6. edit omnetpp.ini to include parameters for Statistics Module. Sample parameters are given in a template in this directory.
  • 7. create a directory called 'statistics' in the directory from which you run INET. This directory will contain the output files generated by the statistics module. Carefule, they are overwritten by subsequent runs! The name of the directory is a configuration option in omnetpp.ini, feel free to change it.